More than just a meeting room


Eagles Nest is desingned to facilitate the work you are there to do: with the structure of the space, the isolation, and the amenties all working together to help you do good work.


Control Room

This area has all you need to get great work done. It is designed for focus and concentration, yet has lots of natural light.  All the tools you need are readily at hand: whiteboard, chartpad, wireless internet access, 60-inch TV for computer pojection, fresh markers, Post-It Idea Pads, Drawing paper, wireless printer/copier/fax.  And for inspiration, toys, games, books, and movies.

Service Station

With everything you need to keep your group fueled up for the mission. A bounty of  Beverages & super snacks: chilled purified water, gourmet coffee, Tazo tea, Espresso, premium sodas and sparkling water, Kind nut bars and Kashi granola bars, Chex mix, Pretzel thins, and popcorn; chocolates, M&Ms, Reese's, peppermints, Tootsie and Blow pops. We'll also stock special requests if you let us know ahead.



The Tower

Come up to the tower for breakouts or just to take a break. 360 degree view of the airfield and neighborhood. The tower is filled with light and energy. Four different seating areas: bar, table, lounge, and bar table. A great area for  mingling, eating lunch, a fresh perspecive, inspiration, or just watching the clouds go by

Pilot's Lounge

A cozy desk provides a place for individual work or a private phone call.  Leather club chairs are a great place for relaxing or a conversation. Watch planes and helicopters take off and land from the observation deck. Browse an inspring book or challenge someone to a good game of chess or backgammon.